It all started when…

Avtrykk, Tou

Series of sculptures in handmade paper, porcelain

2018 -

Avtrykk, Tou’ is a series of sculptures in handmade paper and porcelain. The handmade paper is recycled from the graphic printmaking workshop Tou Trykk’s production, which is situated in the same building as the works are produced. This material is used to cast fragments in the architecture and local surroundings of the site, left to dry, and thereby be balanced on corresponding elements in porcelain.

The works were produced shortly after I have moved back to Stavanger, and were an immediate respons to the new surroundings. The works are visually and thematically influenced by the landscape – in site – Tou Scene, which are, in the same way as the rest of this part of Stavanger, undergoing several changes and re-constructions. This is also the background of the pieces formal and improvised compositions.

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